Chamber sealing Range

Prometica’s Chamber Sealers are robust, reliable and easy to operate. The machines incorporate controls for sealing time, shrinking time and shrinking temperature and can be used to wrap a wide range of products using most shrink film types. machine uses pre-folded shrink film. The folded edge forms one closure of the pack. The machine closes the other faces sealing the pack before the film is shrunk.  To operate the user places his product between the faces of the film on the integral assembly tray, he moves the product to the left, brings down the chamber hood which is automatically held in place until the cycle is complete. Whilst the sealing and shrink process is underway the operator can prepare the next pack. The whole process is complete in just a few seconds.

Integrated sealing and shrinking in one step.
Transparent hood makes the sealing and shrinking visible.
Adopts glass fiber cutler's isolator and nickel alloy cutter to produce a perfect sealing line and to avoid the film sticking the cutter.
Equipped with pin roller to pierce the film (allowing air out).
The height of the package supporting mesh inside the chamber can be adjusted for different sizes of products.

Mounted on castors with brake on the bottom of supporting base, to move the machine freely.
FM-5540A is equipped stainless steel conveying mesh with the height adjustable transporting the products out after the sealing and shrinking automatically, double increase the packing capacity




Max Packing




(500 pieces/hr)



(500 pieces/hr)


(With Transport Conveyor)


(800 pieces/hr)



(400 pieces/hr)





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