shrinkwrapping Film Range

PVC Film

MEC®92 is a soft shrink film based on a PVC compound in conformity with EEC directives. The film is available in a standard 40:40 shrink ratio. The material offers the following benefits:

  • Suitable for the packaging of food products, permeable to gas, water and high moisture transmission
  • Shrinkage at low temperature
  • Excellent machine ability
  • Excellent sealing at low temperature with a range of +/- 20° C
  • Excellent clarity and gloss
  • Unbeatable product presentation after the quick heat treatment
  • Puncture proof and perfect elasticity
  • Minimization of packing production cost


Polyelofin Film

MPF is a multi-layer polyolefin shrink film produced in compliance with EEC directives; its versatility makes it ideal for both manual and fully automatic machines.

MPF is available as centre-folded or single wound.  This is a biodegradable product available in a variety of widths and microns supplied carrying the Eco green circle symbol when requested.
MPF is used extensively for point of sale packaging offering excellent presentation and performance quality to a wide range of goods and commodities. This film is frequently used in the packaging of refrigerated foodstuffs and items of irregular shape.

Size (mm)






























Available thicknesses: 15, 19 and 25micron - some sizes available in 38 and 50 micron on request
Roll Lengths: PVC 15μ = 750M 19μ = 600M 25μ = 450M 38μ = 300M Polyolefin 15μ = 1250M 19μ = 1000M 25μ = 800M
Subject to Packaging Technology Ltd Terms and Conditions of Sale. Prices exclude VAT and Delivery.
Minimum Order: 5 rolls



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