fully AUTOMATIC r.o.p.p RANGE

AutomaticRotary Capping Machine CR-415 is a complete r.o.p.p capping system which includes the cap bulk supply, cap orienting and delivery, cap placement and tightening, and container ingress, staging and discharge onto the customer-supplied existing conveyor.

  • Frame and component made of SUS#304 and ion anodized aluminum, all meet cGMP requirement
  • Heavy-duty conveyor by MCC slat top-chain
  • No bottle,no cap
  • Sophisticated capping module
  • Torque capping mechanism ensure no over-capping
  • Precise wire cutting capping head, fit to cap with perfection
  • Vibratory cap orientation with reject system
  • Interchangeable star wheel for different diameter of bottle
  • Bottle infeed and outfeed accumulation tray
  • Customized star wheel for bottle position
  • Door-open auto-stop comply with safety operation
  • Turnkey linkage with capper, labeler and other in-line systems
  • Power:single phase 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Suit for plastic screw or press cap
  • Capping speed:30-40 Bottles/min
  • Works with caps from 22mm to 120mm in diameter
  • Air requirement:6kgf/cm2
  • Machine Dimensions:(L)2500mm (W)1200mm (H)1600mm





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