Inkjet coding machine

Inkjet Coder ImageOptimum Print Resolution
PT1 inkjet coders deliver bold, highly legible and fully formed characters in a print resolution of 300 dpi at production line speeds of up to 61 meters per minute.

Variable Character Heights
Inkjet code a one line message in 12.5mm characters or two lines of text with 5.5mm high characters. Selecting the character size is easily done through the font key on the hand held controller.

The standard message length with the PT 1 inkjet coder is one line of 24 characters 12.5mm in height or 48 characters of 5.5mm high in two lines of 24

The PT1 offers the following benefits:

 Much lower running costs than other CIJ or DOD inkjet printers.
 Compact units requiring little space.
 Use Hewlett Packard thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology.
 Ink stored in 42cc cartridges.
 The printhead is integral to the ink cartridge. When the cartridge is replaced, so is the printhead.
 No make-up required for the inks.
 Virtually no maintenance required. Simply switch the inkjet coder off when not required and store the cartridge. To start up just re-load the cartridge.

Please Note: provision will be made to allow the ink jet coder to be fitted to the side of the filling/labeling system.




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