Automatic Semi Automatic Gear Pump Filling

Highly accurate and easy to set up the positive displacement gear pump filler uses micro-processor control to measure the number of revolutions of the gear head, ensuring that the correct volume is filled.
Pump engine:

SS316 gear pump module with Teflon axle sleeve (complies with hygiene requirements)
Powered by DC-brushless motor, powerful and durable
Max filling speed: 150-200ml/sec(water as test sample)
Filling speed knob for different filling requirements
Ball valve for no drip of general liquid
Filling bracket
Volume range: 50-4,000ml
Able to self-prime 1st filling(depends on product)

Control system:

Microprocessor control, control with precision and easy to maintain
LED operation panel, easy to know operation status
Digital filling parameters: Volume set/start delay/ span of intermittent filling
Filling counter
Multi-operation mode with switch: Test/Manual/Intermittent
Signal input and food-pad controller
Filling speed adjustment(speed knob with lock)
Start button
Emergency stop with lock

Price ___ £5055.00



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