Automatic Semi Automatic Pharma Filling

A peristaltic pump contains a flexible tube, which performs the suction and the compression of the liquid to be filled.

The liquid (product) is only in contact with the tubing. No valves or other mechanical parts to be cleaned after the filling has been completed

Specifically designed for high value, small volume fills at very high accuracy. Suitable for aqueous and other light viscosity products.

The machine is suited for Pharmaceutical preparations, fragrances, essential oils, reagents, inks, dyes, and specialty chemicals.

Fluid path is disposable; easy cleanup and elimination of cross contamination problems. Accuracies of 0.5% are achievable for fill volumes less than 1 ml.

Standard tank: 3000 ml
Filling speed: 1-20 ml /min
Power: 110/ 220v, 50-60hz


  • Less cleaning validation
  • No product contamination
  • Very short change-over times
  • Limited waste of expensive products
  • High precision (i.e. 0.5% on filling of 1 ml)

Price: £4295.00




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