Fully Automatic Small Bottle laBELLING machine

Labelling Lines comprising a conveyor belt with variable-speed on stainless steel monobloc. SIMPLY version is available with 1 or 2 labelling heads (Maximum label width: 100-140-190-230-260 mm.). This is system for apply on cylindrical, oval and flat products.

Controlled by microprocessor board and potentiometers.

Technical characteristics:

Building materials – stainless steel
Speed 0 and 30 meters

Management: by control box with microprocessor and potentiometers
Support column/columns for labelling head/heads with inclination, vertical and horizontal regulation
Stepper motor
220 or 110 V 50/60 Hz

Standard width of the conveyer belt - 150 or 200mm (other sizes on request)
Standard length of the conveyer belt - 1500 or 2000 mm (other sizes on request)


  • Lateral roller for enveloping or semi-enveloping application on round bottles
  • Lateral roller for enveloping application of labels on cone-shaped products
  • Upper roller to settle the flat or oval product during the labelling phase
  • Centring system to line up oval products
  • Spacing system to space out the products before the labelling phase
  • Heat/Dry printing group for the printing of codes and expiry dates directly on the label before the labelling
  • Turn table diameter 800 mm. or 1000 mm.
  • Wheels
  • Optical/acoustic alarm

Typical Prices: Fully equipped Twin Head Front & Back labeler with wrap around, top stabilization, positioning for oval products

Prometica can offer these systems in

  1. Top Labelling
  2. Bottom Labelling
  3. Top and Bottom Labelling
  4. Side labelling



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