ibc mixing machine



IBC mixers quickly re-suspends product that has settled in transportation or storage.

Euromixers unique range of IBC mixers / agitators with E-400 folding impellers mount directly onto industry standard plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). The E-400 folding impeller has been designed to fit through a standard 150mm screw cap opening, to quickly re-suspend product that has settled in transportation or storage.

IBC mixers provide a cost effective solution for products that need to be mixed before use. Using the IBC as a mixing vessel ensures consistent product quality and offers significant cost savings on transfer and cleaning time.


A wide range of industries use product supplied in IBC's / tote tanks that needs to be mixed before use to achieve consistent performance and quality including:

Chemical Industries Inks
Dyestuffs and pigments Adhesives
Slurries Food and beverage
Paint and varnish Cosmetics industry
Water treatment chemicals & flocculants

Euromixers E-400 folding impellers have been specifically designed for blending viscous liquids or re-suspending settled solids in an IBC.


Electric or Air Motor Drive options are available for use in a safe area. ATEX certified mixers for use in zoned areas are available.

The IBC mixer drive is supported on a lightweight stainless steel bridge that mounts directly onto the IBC frame and is secured in place with quick action toggle clamps.
As standard, IBC mixers are supplied with an eye bolt for lifting with a hoist or optional fork lift module - for lifting with a fork lift truck.



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